Red Star Robot (redstarrobot) wrote in ohsquee,
Red Star Robot

Inaugural Drabble Thursday

That seems to have been voted up, along with the wrongness and moral decay. No, really, my methods are very scientific. So, in honor of the glorious ohsquee revolution, we shall have a revolutionary drabble challenge: Captain Sorin. Pair him with anyone you like. (Ace, Seven, Fenric, Jean and Phyllis, Princess Elizabeth, teenage Barbara, Rose, Jack, Clark Gable... really, the possibilities are endless.)

Oh, Sorin. Men who walk through a mob of haemovores with only revolutionary fervor to protect them are so dreamy.

Challenge runs for a week.
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Squeee! For a moment I thought I was the only Captain Sorin fan! I loved him!
No way are you the only Sorin fan - he's too awesome not to love. :) In fact, I may manage to lure someone into the comm simply on the basis of Sorin drabbles...
I'm glad I'm not alone then. Sometimes it seems that everyone ships Ace with Hex and have completely forgotten about Sorin...

(I love your icon, by the way!)
I wrote one.
Do I have to post the link to it here?

Here it is.
That's awesome! It'd be great if you cross-posted it to the community - most communities that do drabble challenges give 'em their own post. :)

I'm actually working on one right now...
Do I have to link back to my journal in the cross-post (so all comments would be in one post), or do I have to put the drabble behind the cut?