Red Star Robot (redstarrobot) wrote in ohsquee,
Red Star Robot

OT3 fic challenge (24 hours)

I'm gonna be a bit dodgy on netiquette and announce this here, since I sort of, well, came up with it on the spur of the moment, and the day's almost over.

In honor of the improbably synchronous August 20th birthdays of Sylv, Sophie, and Tony Ainley, allen_road is having an OT3 Birthday Challenge for flashfic.

Participants may write a) 2-minute fics, b) byatts (50 words), or c) drabbles, with Seven, Ace, and the Survival!Master. (Although, really, we wouldn't turn down anything longer.) It's an extravaganza of shininess, unnatural (explosive?) chemistry, well-tailored menswear, and the reclamation of bisexual cool.

(If you want to participate, but not join the community to post your story, that's fine - reply here with your story in the comment, and I'll repost it there on your behalf. And then this community will also get a nice OT3 fic post, too.)
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