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ficlet, from a prompt...

Was reminded to get round to posting this here. Er, no spoilers, far as I know...

prompt: Jon Skellington. Write me 100 words involving the 10th Doctor and a moray eel. :) (he got 150 exactly)

"They're beautiful, you know."

Rose wasn't listening to him, because that meant paying attention to the thing he was stroking gently.

The Doctor took her not-listening in stride, fingers dancing carefully along the back of the eel. "Aren't you just precious? Evolution gave you such a head-start." He grinned goofily as the eel wriggled in seeming agreement. It was also possible the eel simply wanted this strange creature to stop touching it, but the Doctor wasn't going to entertain that notion.

"Could learn a lot from a moray, y'know," the Doctor didn't bother enumerating, as that would take far too long. Instead, he puckered his lips and made what, to Rose, sounded suspiciously like kissy noises.

Only they couldn't be. No grown man would make kissy noises at a fish.

Would he?

"Who's the evolutionarily superior creature?" The Doctor asked in a syrupy tone, still stroking the eel.

He would.
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